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Zillya! Internet Security 1PC/1year


Zillya! Internet Security Stay protected when you are buying online, surfing Internet or chatting with your friends. Proactive technologies of defense make the product perfect for active Internet users. 15 days trial period available

Zillya! Internet Security – it is the complete protection against viruses and hackers. Zillya! Internet Security has a user-friendly interface.

Zillya! Internet Security has all antivirus functionality:

  • Real-time file checking that detects and prevents viruses and other malware.
  • Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing mail messages for malware.
  • Heuristic analysis allows detection of new and unknown malware.
  • Proactive protection (HIPS) allows to scan and analyze of programs, to determine likelihood of malicious behavior and blocks them before its launch.
  • There are three types of scanning – quick scan for checking only critical areas on the PC, full scan for checking all files on the computer and custom scan allows user to select files and folders to be scanned.
  • Daily updates of antivirus bases guarantee maximum safety.

Zillya! Internet Security includes Application-level firewall. It controls of application network access; protects from external attacks; has automatic mode for beginners and interactive mode for skilled users; built-in set of rules; system-wide application rules.

WEB-filter blocks of dangerous sites. Zillya! Internet Security might block accessing certain sites that are known to be malicious; blocks of potentially dangerous content from suspicious sites. If the site is marked in database as unreliable, the user can view it but any attempts to download executable, archive or other types of files would be blocked. User can create own list of sites that will be blocked.

Zillya! Internet Security also has such functionality as:

  • USB protection protects the PC from viruses and malwares that can run from a flash drive;
  • anti-phishing allows to avoid sites that have phishing activity and steal user;
  • anti-spam allows to set up a "black list" of e-mail addresses;
  • virtual keyboard is for secure payments;
  • file erases deletes files beyond recovery;
  • system optimizer allows speeds up the PC.

Zillya! Internet Security provides free customer support.


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