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Web Batch Downloader


Web Batch Downloader : bulk download assistant

Simple, easy-to-use, efficient, fast, support for up to 64 types .
Simplicity, can batch download multiple URLs files along the page you specify, multi-level crawling search download;
Support multithreaded Download, save much time;


1, crawl download: depth analysis. Traverse the page on the basis of the specified URL hyperlink for depth search, search and download files according to specified type , largest support 10 depth;
2, many download: can batch download multiple URLs you specify including files (pictures, songs, etc.);
3, can search images from the style sheet;

4, support for up to 64 types (jpg, bmp, png, gif, etc.);
5, support for URL filtering, can be set to search the specified site and all sites;
6, support for multi-threaded search and download, more faster, more efficient, and time saving
7,Supports HTTP, FTP protocol;
8,max url count : 2,000,000;



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