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Simple CRM CLASSIC : 1 licence / 1 an


Simple CRM is an online CRM software: contacts, documents, tasks, PDA, sales/purchasing/invoices centralization. This can be used on different platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, tablets, PC, laptop or smart phone (iPhone/Android). Simple CRM allows better and easier work collaboration.


Simple CRM is an online CRM software that included a document management solution, a project management environment and optionally, a mass mailing platform.

In a normal work environment there are different players and actions that involve customer/supplier relation.

One need to centralize contact information (personal details and enterprise details like phone, email etc.), to manage different documents (quotations send/received, brochures etc) , to have a global vision on past or future activities (shared PDAs), to implement marketing campaigns, to have an analytic view on current quotations  and most likely to have a precise vision on all those interactions  ROI (return on investment)  by reporting tools/BI.

Simple CRM helps you to better manage all those actions by only 7 different windows and 2 clicks by action to do (in average) because we know that your time is precious.

To use Simple CRM you do not need a special system configuration.

You just need a PC/laptop/tablet/smart phone connected on internet. Simple CRM is Iphone, Android, Black berry or Windows Mobile compatible. Your contacts can be synchronized, if wished, with your phone via Google Apps Contact. Your PDA can also be synchronized with your phone by Google Apps Agenda.

Simple CRM makes your workflow simple and efficient.


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