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Power Tools add-on for Google Sheets, Lifetime subscription


  Set of tools for daily tasks: change case; sum by color; remove duplicates; split, merge, compare, find, clean up data and more.   30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Available on all your computers. Priority support service

Power Tools add-on cuts the clicks on repeated  tasks and brings features for  organizing and unifying data in Google Sheets.

Extra spaces, formulas and data in the wrong format are among many of the issues the add-on deals with:
– Take advantage of the new smart toolbar with handy assistants: insert or delete cells and shift adjacent data, change case, or swap values.
– Click once to AutoSum numbers in every row or column; sum and count cells by color.
–  Search all selected sheets for certain values, formulas, notes, and hyperlinks; see a list of found entries, export or replace them in a click.
– Get "Text to columns" feature: split values in a column by any delimiter,  string, or by position.
– Automate some routine tasks: add or remove text by position, transform formulas, change formula reference type, export range to XML or JSON.
– Bring order to your sheet: delete unwanted characters, types of data, and clean up formatting.
– Get every needed data tool in one place: remove duplicates or bring them to one row, compare and merge sheets, randomize data, and much more.
The add-on keeps history of the recent operations at hand so that you can quickly re-apply a set of actions to a different range. You can also star the most frequent features to have access to your favorites at any time.
When you import data from different sources or share the same spreadsheet with colleagues, it becomes critical to bring it in order in the shortest time possible. Even such simple tasks as deleting all notes from your sheet can waste a lot of time. Power Tools helps you do this in a click. Here is a full list of tasks it performs:
➊ Smart toolbar offers a set of one-click actions
– Advanced find and replace in all selected sheets
– Insert cells and shift data down or right
– Delete cells and shift data up or left
– AutoSum all numbers in columns or rows
– Sum by fill and text color
– Flip values in adjacent cells, rows, or columns with or without their format
– Change case
– Freeze or unfreeze top rows and left columns
Main tool sets group solutions by type:
âž‹ Remove unwanted data
– Delete leading and trailing spaces
– Reduce spaces between words to one
– Remove html entities, non-printing characters, and delimiters
– Get rid of any character or string in the range
– Delete characters by position, or those that follow or precede certain text
– Remove empty or unused rows and columns
➌ Clear data by type
– Erase any combination of data types from the selected range: formatting, numbers, dates, booleans, notes, text, or hyperlinks 
➍ Work with text
– Capitalize each cell or word, change case to uppercase or lowercase
– Add your text at the beginning or at the end of the selected cells, before or after certain text, or at any position you like
– Replace accented characters with non-accented, turn codes to symbols and back
➎ Convert data format
– Convert text-formatted numbers and dates to numeric and date format
– Change number sign
– Export range to JSON or XML
➏ Try out the formula tools
– Switch formula reference type from relative to absolute or vice versa
– Get values instead of the formulas
– Automatically add functions to all selected columns
– Apply new calculations to all formulas at once
➐ Split tool set
– Separate values by any character or string
– Split text by position
– Extract name parts into separate columns
âž‘ Data tool set
– Identify duplicate records in any combination of columns on your sheet
– Compare two columns or sheets to find duplicates
– Join values in rows, columns, or the entire range and keep cells unmerged
– Merge sheets by a key column
– Shuffle values in rows, columns, or the entire range
– Generate random numbers, dates, booleans, custom lists, or strings
– Combine duplicate rows, add subtotals, and bring related values together


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