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Plusync Premium Edition


Plusync provides a fast, convenient and secure method to synchronize folders as well as back up files. It supports multiple computers and mobile devices, besides, it uses LAN transmission rather than cloud storage. It does not rely on an external server and offers no public file sharing capabilities. With Plusync you can easily sync folders and files among several computers and mobile devices.

• With Plusync you can:

– Fast and secure file synchronization across LAN devices without cloud server.

– Real time file sync, better performance in transferring big files.

– Transfer files across different devices.

– Back up the important files to other devices, in case of omission accidentally.

– Sharing files with friends or workmate easily.

– Set up the access control for share folders such as read-only and read-write.

– Preview the file that before you sync to local.

– Know all your files operation events order by using vector clock algorithm.

– Record all file operation event.


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