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Merge Values add-on for Google Sheets, 12-month subscription


- 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee - Available on all your computers - Priority support service

Combine columns, rows, or ranges of data and preserve original values.

This add-on will become your best assistant for merging values in adjacent cells. Three simple settings let you decide if you want to combine multiple columns or rows, pick the delimiter for the records, and choose a place for the results.

  • Join values horizontally, vertically, or bring all records from the selected range into one cell
  • Add results to the existing values or as a new column or row
  • Merge cells without losing your data: you can avoid the standard problem of “Keeping data only in the top leftmost cell” and retain all your records while removing borders between them
  • Skip blanks, wrap text, and choose other additional options that tailor the results to your needs.

Besides, there is a special option that creates a backup copy of your sheet in case you want to keep it the way it was. You can set up the process in under a minute and concatenate data in seconds. If you have any questions about the add-on, please post them in our community:


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