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Forex Warrior EA 3M


Forex Warrior is a Grid Trader, which stays in the market 24/7 and trades simultaneously long and short using a carefully chosen martingale-based strategy. Trades are added to the basket by pending Buy Limit/Sell Limit orders. Usage of pending orders ensures the perfect structure of the basket and avoids slippage of trading orders during fast price movements. Forex Warrior analyses the market conditions and adjusts trading lots and takeprofit levels according to the direction of the main trend. This unique “trading with trend” feature allows Forex Warrior to maximize your profits and minimize the drawdown. All trading orders opened by Forex Warrior are assigned individual stoploss levels Forex Warrior has great assortment of in-build safety features, which allow you to adjust trading risks according to your personal preferences and protect your account balance in case of market turmoil.

After you bought your license, you need to send us the number of your trading account by e-mail.



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