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Combine Sheets add-on for Google Sheets, Lifetime subscription


- 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee - Available on all your computers - Priority support service

This add-on offers a great opportunity to consolidate data from many spreadsheets into one. Even if your tables differ in formatting, column order, or content, Combine Sheets will perfectly join everything you have in one table using the column headers. You dictate the add-on what sheets to compare, what to do with formatting, and where to put the results on two quick steps.

  • Combine as many spreadsheets as you need
  • Add sheets from Google Drive using quick search field
  • Use entire sheet or adjust the range manually
  • Transfer the formatting of the original datasets
  • Review the result in a new spreadsheet, sheet, or a range of your choice

What's more, you can separate combined sheets with empty rows. This way you'll be able to scan through the consolidated data easily and work with it faster. Try it yourself and you won't regret it.


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