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‘cmc_Visual’ State chart visualization package for ClearQuest (user license)

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This add-on can be embedded to any CQ scheme to allow in real time mode for every type of requests (change request, bug report, task or enhancement request) receiving an UML diagram which describes the request. In such diagram it is specially highlighted current state of request and its transition mainstream.

This solutions (cmc_Visual) allows to visualize a change request’s state chart. The module is distributed as a package, and can be built into any user database. With this module, it’s easier to interpret the life cycle of a change request – it is outputted in a simple graphic manner, and the current state of the request is highlighted.

The diagram’s appearance and sorting algorithm can be toggled.

* Visualize state-chart in real-time mode
* Highlighting of the main and alternative path
* Highlighting of a current state
* Compatible to any version ClearQuest


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