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Backuptrans Android iPhone SMS Transfer + for Mac (Family Edition)


All-in-one Android and iPhone SMS Transfer Manager on Mac. 

Nowadays, more and more people own more than one mobile phone. If you are one of them, either one Android phone and one iPhone or two Android phones/iPhones, Backuptrans Android iPhone SMS Transfer + for Mac must be the the best software for managing all your SMS messages smoothly. Android iPhone SMS Transfer + for Mac provides all solutions, including Android SMS to iPhone transfer, iPhone SMS to Android transfer, Android/iPhone SMS to Mac transfer, restoring SMS from Mac to Android/iPhone, and viewing/exporting/printing out SMS on your Mac

Backuptrans Android iPhone SMS Transfer + for Mac does a great job in transferring SMS between Android and iPhone. Connect both Android and iPhone to Mac, and it will help do the left. Also, you can use it to transfer SMS between two Androids/ iPhones. This will be a great helper when you get a new phone. In addition, it makes it easy to transfer and backup your SMS from Android/iPhone to Mac where you can view,export or print out your SMS. With that, you can easily restore the SMS backup back to your old phone or onto a new Android/iPhone. Besides, you can also choose to transfer SMS onto Android/iPhone from Mac iTunes Backup if you once backed up your iPhone data with your Mac iTunes library. In this case, you can use our software to put SMS from iTunes backup on Mac onto your Android/iPhone smoothly even without your old iPhone. Lastly, Android iPhone SMS Transfer + for Mac lets you easily and quickly export SMS into document files, including txt, csv, word or html, and quickly print out SMS memssages in threading mode. You are flexible to decide whether to export or print all SMS or only the SMS with a certain friend.

1 Transfer SMS between Android and iPhone directly on Mac.
2 Save SMS from Android/iPhone onto local database on Mac
3 Restore SMS from Mac to Android/iPhone.
4 Copy SMS from iTunes Backup to Android/iPhone.
5 Transfer SMS between two Android phones, transfer SMS between two iPhones
6 Export SMS into document files.
7 Print out SMS in a few mouse clicks.
8 iMessages management supported also.


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