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AX64 – Time Machine – Server Professional


AX64 Time Machine is a full system backup and restore solution that allows you to snap backwards and forwards in time with unmatched ease-of-use and speed.

AX64 Time Machine is an automatic backup and recovery software that enables an easy and fast way to restore your PC to an earlier point of time. Time Machine allows to quickly recover from: disk failures, system crashes, virus infections and unwanted program installations. It securely backs up all your files, and provides an efficient means to find and retrieve any file from earlier point in time.

Unique features:

  • Disk Imaging: Takes a backup of your entire system. Everything is backed up for total peace of mind
  • Automatic Backup: Time Machine automatically takes hourly backups that occur silently in the background with no performance impact
  • Snap-shotting: Jump backwards and forwards between your back up points in just seconds to minutes. 
  • Backup Browser: Allows you to view the files from within your backups in a file explorer just like you would browse Windows.
  • Backup to anywhere: Backup to external, internal and network drives. 

Time Machine Server Professional Features:

  • Works on Windows Servers
  • Remote control: Allows you to remotely operate Time Machine from another PC
  • Command Line: Use cmd line and scripting to perform advanced custom operations with Time Machine. 
  • Hardware Indepdendent Restore: Restore onto dissimlar hardware. 




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