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AX64 – Time Machine – Home License


Time Machine is a full system backup and restore solution that allows you to snap backwards and forwards in time with unmatched ease-of-use and speed. Time 

Time Machine combines the full disk protection of disk imaging with the speed and ease of use of a snap-shotting tool. 

Notable features include: 

  • Full Disk Imaging. Time Machine backups your entire system including all your documents, system files, photos and movies.
  • Snapshotting. Revert your entire system backwards and forwards between your restore points in seconds to minutes. 
  • Rescue Media. Create a backup enviroment using our rescue media to view your backups and restore your PC when Windows can't boot. 
  • Back up browser. Instantly view and restore individual files and folders back in time in an intuitive file browser.
  • Backup to anywhere. You can backup to any kind of storage: external drives, internal drives and network drives. 
  • Set and Forget. Automated backups are scheduled every hour for continuous protection against disaster. 


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