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AnyCAD Component Designer


AnyCAD Component Designer is the 3D modeling software for programmers, which can be used to build smart 3D parametric models.

AnyCAD Component Designer is the 3D modeling and programming software, which gives you the new concept to build 3D models. You can use it to build smart 3D parametric models by combining the AnyCAD modeling language and parameter binding mechanism.

AnyCAD Component Designer can be used in many industries, such as mechanical,  electricity, building, education and so on. You can use it to build what kind of 3D components you want.

The reasons to choose AnyCAD Component Designer:

  • You can build accurate 3D models.  It becomes easier to build models via the modeling script. It becomes flexible to modify the models via programming
  • You can build parametric 3D models via the user defined parameters. You can access the parameters in the script. The model can be changed dynamically with parameters
  • Support to export popular file formats. It support IGES, SETP, STL file formats.
  • Well documented and rich programming functions.It support to build primitive geometries, such as line, spline, circle, sphere, box, cone, cylinder…It support modeling features, such as extrude, revole, loft, sweep…. It support to add material and textures for the rendering appearance

AnyCAD is designed to be the professional 3D modeling and visualization platform. Any suggestions are welcome to give us.


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