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AnimaShooter Pioneer


Professional user-friendly stop motion animation software with support for web-cameras.

Professional user-friendly stop motion animation software with support for web-cameras.

  • Use a webcam to capture action figures, still photos, drawings or images of plasticine or clay and create your own stop-motion movies.
  • View all the frames in sequence to easily move, duplicate single or group of frames.
  • Use Rotoscope and Onionskin features on captured frames or any pictures imported into the AnimaShooter.
  • Add vector paths that could be used as motion paths or guides. See Paths in docs.
  • Load your photos, any image or sequence of images from disk.
  • Export web-ready WEBMOGV (HTML5 video), MPEG4 or uncompressed video.
  • Export sequence of PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP or WEBP images.
  • Use layered YRGB Histogram to ensure accuracy.
  • Use Ram-preview to check your work before creating output.
  • Grid feature helps you adjust your subject more accurately.
  • Auto capture (Time-lapse) feature makes capturing images so easy as it was never before.
  • Flip the image vertically when shooting or horizontally while editing.
  • AnimaShooter can save the project file automatically. No changes lost!
  • You can import video into your project by means of turning its frames into a sequence of still images. The audio track will not be imported.

Free minor updates and bug fixes. When you upgrade your license remains valid for Product of which the first version number is the same as the first version number indicated in your proof of purchase. If version 3.* is indicated in your proof of purchase, then your license is valid for the Product with a version in which the first number is 3.


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