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Advanced Find and Replace for Google Sheets, 12-month subscription


- 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee - Available on all your computers - Priority support service

Search in values, formulas, notes, hyperlinks in all sheets at once. Get the list with the found entries and replace them in a click

Use this simple add-on for advanced search in your google spreadsheet. Find and replace text within a formula, check links hidden behind the display text, search within notes, and look for values at the same time. You can search and replace within a column by simply selecting the necessary range of data, or choose to scan any selected sheets. The add-on will display the list of all found records organized by sheet and take you to any found cell in a click.
It's easy to use and it offers all you need to discover the necessary data:
  • Look at values, formulas, notes, and links simultaneously 
  • Find and replace in a single column or search everywhere in the spreadsheet 
  • Get all matches listed in the sidebar, navigate to any entry in a click  
  • Replace all or only the selected records
  • Export the found values or the entire rows that contain them
Advanced Find and Replace add-on will help you complete any substitutions in your sheets in seconds. 


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